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Best Tacos in Town

Delicious Tacos and More

Beef burrito dinner with rice

The most delicious tacos are waiting for you in Omaha, NE. Here at Taqueria El Gavilan, we pride ourselves in giving you a taste of authentic Mexican cooking every time you take a bite out of our amazing tacos, tasty burritos, and mouth-watering quesadillas. Satisfy that Mexican food craving and head on over to our restaurant now.

Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Appetite

Our traditional Mexican dishes are cooked with the freshest Mexican ingredients available today. This ensures an authentic Mexican experience each time you dine with us, or take our food home. We always serve satisfying food and drinks every time you choose to eat with us.

With Us, You Get:

  • Authentic Mexican Dishes
  • Delicious Tacos
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Friendly Staff
  • Happy Memories

Bring Everyone to a Fiesta

Bring your big family, or your whole office staff to enjoy our delicious Mexican dishes together. Your presence and our food will make every dining experience feel like a fiesta. Call us at (402) 734-1584 to make a reservation today.

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